Here is how I can can guide you to make the most of your people portfolio:

  • Coaching – [AMPLIFY STRENGTHS] and shrink blinds spots to help people be the best version of themselves.
  • Strategic HR & Organization Planning – Align work processes, org structures, and talent practices to best [ACHIEVE YOUR STRATEGY].
  • Team / Talent Development – Build individual skills, collective potential, and stronger, [HIGHER-PERFORMING TEAMS].
  • Culture & Belonging – Deliberately [BUILD A CULTURE] that aligns with your family office’s purpose. Cultivate belonging.


I believe we have [UNLIMITED POTENTIAL] on the journey of becoming who we will be; it is my privilege to help you get there.

All of us are a unique combination of innate abilities, traits, experience, and untapped potential; and sometimes we all benefit from a little help becoming who we want to be, doing what we want to do. As your coach, I will collaborate with you on a focused development journey; your experience will be as unique as you are and will start with a contracting session to define success. 

Engagements typically include individual coaching sessions, homework, opportunities for learning application and feedback, and access to resources and tools. While typically done at an individual level, team coaching engagements are available.

A coaching engagement can: 

  • Help overcome thought patterns that are holding you back 
  • Explore and practice new behaviors / skills
  • Provide focus and feedback in a confidential, safe relationship
  • Yield personal and professional growth

What you can expect: 

  • Effective coaching requires sincere engagement, willingness to explore, learn, be uncomfortable, try – learn – try again.  It is not about perfection or pretense.
  • I don’t have all the answers; I will listen deeply, ask the questions to help you discover the answers, and be an honest mirror back to you.
  • Absolute confidentiality and a relationship of mutual respect

Strategic HR & Organization Planning

As your family needs [CONTINUE TO EVOLVE], how do you make sure your organization, work processes and talent practices are in place? How do you make sure you can [BEST DELIVER] against them?

You invest a lot of time and money in the people resources in your organization, so let’s make sure they are best set up to succeed.  How work gets done, how people communicate, and the needs and expectations of family members are all rapidly changing. Are you keeping up, let alone building for the future?

Examples of strategic HR and organization planning include but aren’t limited to: 

  • Organization design: evaluating and creating work processes, jobs and org structure to be more effective in delivering your client strategy and services
  • Creating strategies and processes for on-boarding, annual goal setting and reviews, hiring, talent reviews, succession planning, communication, engagement, diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Policy review and creation
  • Addressing employee relation concerns
  • Implementation of compensation philosophy and structures
  • Auditing current practices and ad hoc advising

Team & Talent Development

Today’s world, and especially tomorrow’s world, require [LEARNERS], not just knowers.

Keeping up with change – whether it is tax reform or new members on your team – requires us all to continue to develop our skills. Just imagine how ineffective you would be if you were still relying on your high-school level skills of communicating, influencing, or working with others! The only way to truly unlock our potential is to stay relevant and continue to develop.

Talent development is helping individuals develop better skills on a variety of topics, and formats range from training workshops to lunch-and-learn sessions to book clubs and hands-on practice. They can be scaled to meet your needs and be in-person or virtual. Popular topics include trust building, giving / receiving feedback, coaching for performance, managing underperformance, transitioning from doer to leader and navigating difficult conversations.

Team development is working with an in-tact team to make them more effective at working together and can range from deeper, extensive engagements for smaller teams to a broader, lighter touch for large (8+ teams).  

Culture & Belonging

Culture is the immune system of any organization and a metric to measure its’ health. Culture is going to happen no matter what, so [BE INTENTIONAL] about it.

The work of a family office is incredibly personal and intensely confidential, which means culture becomes a business imperative, a prerequisite to retaining employees who are engaged, productive, and highly committed. 

Culture work is hard because it means walking the talk and changing behaviors (to some degree) of everyone on the team. A little bit of process and deliberate focus can get you started, but at its core a culture journey takes clarity, commitment over time, and occasionally courage to create a healthy and successful organization.  

Culture work at the highest level involves: 

  1. Clarify family office purpose / values
  2. Assess current state
  3. Define future state
  4. Build and implement an embedment plan
  5. Build a sustainment plan, including how to avoid regression

Diversity, inclusion, equality and equity are all super important, and when we do them well we tap into the unlimited [POWER OF BELONGING].