helping family offices
of their people

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Successful family offices call for leaders to actively cultivate the very elements that make work possible – the people, the organization, how teams work together, and the culture.  

The cost of not doing so is high: the employee experience and the work results, including the client experience, suffer.

Oh, and this people stuff — it can be hard.

there’s a [BETTER WAY],
and I’m here to help

I can support your family office through these four areas of expertise:


[AMPLIFY STRENGTHS] and shrink blinds spots to help people be the best version of themselves.

Strategic HR

Align work processes, org structures, and talent practices to best [ACHIEVE YOUR STRATEGY].

Talent Development

Build individual skills, collective potential, and stronger, [HIGHER-PERFORMING TEAMS].

Culture & Belonging

Deliberately [BUILD A CULTURE] that aligns with your family office’s culture. Cultivate belonging.

Cassie Atteberry – Principal

Talent Outside the Lines

I’ve been making the [PEOPLE STUFF] easier for more than 21 years as an HR leader in corporate America, including several years supporting the family office of the founders. 

Now, I’ve founded Talent Outside the Lines consultancy to do more of the work I love and support family offices with strategic HR and organization planning, team and talent development, and culture and belonging.

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